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Return on Investment - Proven Results and Unique TrifectaTM Methodology

Return on Investment is driven by the combination of:

Unique Characteristics
of Incentives
The TrifectaTM Methodology

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Incentives offer a compelling value proposition - The incentive value is not incurred until the individual takes the desired action. Aligns incentives not only to long-term opportunities, but also to immediate (e.g., utilization measures such as generic substitution) and intermediate (e.g., evidence-based measures such as preventative screenings) actions.

IncentOne has driven a combination of cost savings, behavior change, and outcomes results including:

Company Type Non-profit Insurance Company Telecommunications Consumer Products
Insurance Type Fully-Insured Self-Insured Self-Insured
Eligibles 69 30,000 29,000
Reward Type Non-Monetary (gift cards) Monetary (HSA Deposit) Monetary (Premium Reduction)
  • 0 percent increase in health insurance premiums for second consecutive year
  • $6.5 million savings for program participants vs. non-participants
  • PEPY total cost for participants was $2,953 compared to $3,830 for non-participants
  • Primary goal is to move employees from high to low risk
  • Approximately two-thirds of employees currently low risk
  • Estimates high risk employees cost $5,052 per year vs. low risk employees cost $1,751 per year


Other results include:

$2,953 vs. $3,830 Lower Costs For Participants vs. Non-Participants 23% Lower Claims For Participants
0% 0 Percent Premium Increase For Two Consecutive Years 33% Lower Premature Baby Claims For Participants
70% Completed Body Mass Index Measurement $65m $6.5 Million Savings For Participants vs. Non-Participants
10% HEDIS Improvement 62% Employees That Completed At Least One Health Activity
54% Employees Entering Smoking Program Declared Smoke Free 91% Health Risk Assessment Completion
87% Repeat Mammogram Screening Rate For Participants 84% Completed Mammogram And PAP Screening


IncentOne has also driven over 20 million health milestones including:

  • 3,000,000 Exercise
  • 515,000 Nutrition
  • 260,000 Health Mgmt.
  • 240,000 Health Risk Assess
  • 85,000 Screenings
  • 49,000 Smoking Cessation
  • 49,000 Dental Health
  • 39,000 Physician Visits
  • 36,000 Immunizations
  • 32,000 Physical Exams
  • 31,000 Weight Management
  • 22,000 Health Coaching
  • 20,000 Stress Management
  • 20,000 Pers. Health Records
  • 20,000 Health Education
  • 17,000 Cancer

IncentOne's proven results, TrifectaTM Methodology and assistance in aligning incentive spending  to specific actions that drive immediate, intermediate and long-term cost savings maximizes your opportunity to deliver results.