A well designed consumer incentive initiative combines the strategy, program design, and execution that optimizes engagement of the consumer and unlocks the power of both extrinsic and intrinsic motivations.

IncentOne's consumer consulting offerings include:

Program Design Recommendations

What are the appropriate actions, values and rewards for specific market segments?

Project includes:

  • Individual Market

  • Medicaid

  • Medicare

  • Fully Insured

  • Self-Insured


Employer Group Program Design

How should our incentive program be designed to maximize results?

Project includes:

  • Development of program design recommendations for a specific employer group

  • Review of current health programs available

  • Recommended actions, values and rewards

Current Program Evaluation

Is the current program optimized from a design and execution perspective to meet our objectives?

Project includes:

  • Evaluation of current incentive program design

  • Evaluations of actions, values and rewards

  • Evaluation of technology platform

  • Evaluation of communications materials

  • Return on investment analysis

  • Legal, tax and regulatory

  • Program recommendations

Program Design Roadmap

What incentive program design elements should be in our near term, medium term and long term incentive strategy?

Project includes:

  • Evaluation of current offering

  • Development of roadmap

Business Case Development

What is the business case for investment in an incentive application?

Project includes:

  • Development of business case for incentives

  • Market considerations

  • Financial considerations

  • Competitive considerations

  • Reform considerations

Market Differentiation Recommendation


How do we differentiate our incentive offering in the market using incentives?

Project includes:

  • Analysis of current market state

  • Specific recommendations of product elements to establish market differentiation

Competitive Analysis

How do we stack up against the competition when it comes to our incentive offering?

Project includes:

  • Development of competitive analysis

  • SWOT analysis

  • Evaluations of actions, values and rewards

  • Includes three (3) competitors. Can be expanded to include additional competitors

Incentive Basic Training

What are the basics of incentive program design and execution?

Project includes:

  • Training on the basics of healthcare incentives

  • Program design

  • Program execution

  • Legal and tax

Communications Materials Development

What materials are required to effectively communicate the value of our offering?

Project includes:

  • Development of materials to communicate the value of the incentive offering

  • Does not include production

Incentive Platform Evaluation

Does our current incentive platform provide the features and functionality to drive business goals?

Project Includes:

  • Evaluation of current incentive platform

Product Roadmap

What incentive product elements should be integrated into our product roadmap?

Project includes:

  • Development of product roadmap

Sales Training

Is my sales organization properly trained to speak to customers about how to use incentives to reduce cost?

Project includes:

  • Execution training

  • Program design training

  • Legal and tax training

RFP Development

How do we ensure that the incentive offering that we are procuring will serve our needs?

Project Includes:

  • Development of request for information or request for proposal for incentive solution

Legal and Tax Evaluation

Does our incentive offering comply with legal and tax requirements?

Project includes:

  • Analysis of current legal and regulatory framework

  • Determination of current compliance issues

  • Recommendations on program modification

Pricing Analysis

How should our incentive offering be priced?

Project includes:

  • Evaluation of current pricing methodology

  • Pricing model and level recommendations

Exchange Strategy

How do you wrap incentives into the new exchange strategy?

Project includes:

  • How will the exchanges work?

  • Who will be affected?

  • What are the rules that are to be followed?




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