Consulting Services

Incentives have become a critical tool in engaging consumers and providers to change behavior.  While the actions that impact cost are well known, without incentives these audiences generally respond 10 to 15 percent. The question with incentives is not "if" but "how". How do I maximize ROI? How do I execute? Real dollars are at stake. In 2011, companies spent $460 per employee on incentives. With these dollars at stake, optimizing program design and execution is critical.

Why is IncentOne uniquely qualified to provide this guidance?

IncentOne was the first incentive and engagement company dedicated to the healthcare community ‚ launching the first health incentive platform in 2005. IncentOne brings unparalleled experience in both design and execution:

  • Customers Representing 75 Million Lives
  • 30 Million Health Incentive Transactions
  • 20 Million Health Milestones
  • 125 Data Integration Partners
  • 4,000 Unique Programs
  • 130 Information Security Reviews

Perhaps more importantly, IncentOne's business model has been designed to drive "any action for any value for any reward via any medium" Because IncentOne integrates all health services and administers all reward types, it has collected data not available elsewhere. This brings a completely independent perspective. When it comes to execution, IncentOne had administered over 30 million transactions and is well versed on the operational, technological, legal, tax and administrative issues that must be addressed in execution.

IncentOne's consulting services brings our expertise to two sets of customers:

  • Those using IncentOne's Health Power™ solution
  • Those using a home grown or third party solution

Download our new Fact Sheet, "IncentOne Consulting Services".