The Seven Deadly Sins of Incentive Program Design and Management

April, 2013

A Special Report From IncentOne

You’ve heard this nightmare – maybe you’ve even lived it: It’s mid January and your phone rings. Your health plan is calling to say the incentive solution you implemented last year has a small problem. Due to a data transfer error, your employees received duplicate rewards for activities they were incented to complete as a part of your health and wellness programs. The programs have now paid out an additional $900,000 in incentives that were not actually earned.

Incentive-Driven Healthcare - The Trifecta™ Methodology

November, 2011

This is 2nd in a series of Research Reviews focused on "Science of Health Incentives™"

Trifecta™ is a program design methodology that aligns incentives with actions that generate immediate cost savings while impacting intermediate and long-term cost and outcome-related benefits. This approach, developed through the analysis of several years of client interactions and volumes of actual engagement data, provides the foundation for investment in incentive programs that will drive engagement without the uncertainty of longer-term risk reduction as the sole promise of return on investment.

Impact of Incentive Values on Participation in Comprehensive Wellness and Health Risk Assessment Interventions

November, 2009

This is 1st in a series of Research Reviews focused on "The Science of Health Incentives™"

Healthcare costs are expected to exceed 20% of Gross Domestic Product by 2018. There is widespread agreement that a vast majority of these costs are avoidable by modifying risk factors associated with chronic conditions, improving medication adherence, adopting technology such as e-prescribing and electronic medical records and improving patient safety.