Biometric Screenings

Capability to configure multiple biometric measures for both participation and outcomes-based incentives with different target ranges, improvement types and testing periods for men and women.

Self Reporting & Health Trackers

IncentOne enables employers to track activities not captured in data sources such as health fair attendance, gym attendance and more. Participants use an Internet-based tool to register activity information.

Physician Reporting

Ability to utilize an audit trail that requires third-party signatures, such as physicians, and/or approval processes for validation.

Payroll Integration

Via our Payroll Toolkit™ we can provide seamless transfer of financial data for your payroll, gross-up, tax and associated reporting needs.

1099 and Tax Reporting

IncentOne has mutiple options based on whether you prefer to have the employee responsible for IRS reporting, to have us provide you with income gross-up data, or you wish IncentOne to send a 1099-MISC to all participants.


IncentOne's Survey Toolkitprovides an integrated tool for creating, distributing and receiving surveys. This offers a selection of survey templates, pre-established survey formats and questions, as well as the customization of templates with company-specific branding. Real-time reporting is available.