Participant Portal

The Participant Portal allows all participants to perform all program functions including learn about health programs, view earning opportunities and recommended health actions and perform all incentive functions with your unique program branding.


Easy to read tables and program hierarchies make it simple for your Participants to see not only what they can earn, but what steps they need to take to improve their health, and earn their rewards. Participants only see those programs and activities relevent to them.

Secure Account & Personal Preferences

Participants access their secure account to view all programs, incentive earning opportunities and reward status. Participants can set various preferences about their lifestyle, how they would like to be contacted and preferred method of interaction.


What motivates one person more than another? We'll take the guesswork out! IncentOne's Participant Portals can each be configured with a unique reward package. With a wide wariety of monetary and non-monetary rewards covering anything from HRA/HSA deposits and premium reduction to gift cards with hundreds of todays most wanted merchants and debit cards; we have the rewards that will move your Participants.

Biometric Measurements

With our optional biometric program, Participants can view and track a variety of biometric measures, as well as earn rewards for reaching, or maintaining healthy values and ranges for those measures. It is widely accepted in the medical community that having "healthy" measures such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels, BMI, cholesterol levels, can directly relate to lower healthcare costs, lowered health risks, and better overall health.

Activity Trackers

Using our online trackers, Participants have engaging and interactive ways to update and review their progress for activities not captured via traditional data sources. Participants can track physical activity and exercise, weight loss goals, fruits and vegetables eaten, doctor visits, immunizations, blood pressure measurements and more, all leading to a more engaged and healthier participant.

Customer Service

Participants can email customer service for information about health programs, incentive earning and reward status. Customer Service is also available via a toll-free number.