Partner Portal

The Partner Portal gives health plans and health partners the ability to manage client sites, users and groups, perform reporting, and create new client configurations via Health Power Express™.

Configure New Incentive Programs

The Partner Portal enables you to configure specific actions, values and rewards for specific clients or products. This results in a customized incentive program that comes to life in a "Microsite" which is manifested in Adminstrative and Participant Portals that inherit your basic configuration but have configurations specific to that client. All Microsites leverage the existing integration between you and IncentOne. See Health Power Express.


IncentOne's Health Power platform provides data integration for reporting/analysis across all data sets including:

  • Eligibility Data
  • Risk Factors
  • Medical Costs
  • Rx Costs
  • Condition-specific Costs
  • Activity Data for all Health Programs

Reports can be run in real-time and are downloadable in traditional formats of MS Excel, PDF and HTML. Date Ranges may be selected for each report. These reports are available on both a client level as well as aggregate reports to truly let you see the effectiveness of your programs.

Click here to view a sample report .

Manage Client Sites

The Partner Portal enables you to access and edit all of your client site's content, update individual site configurations and user definitions on demand, as well as create new sites as needed with Health Power Express.

Manage Users and Roles

You can add and edit users and user profiles, enable/disable users, and assign user roles you have created in real-time. With the ability to create unlimited user roles and configure permitted functions, the system can be configured to match your business model.