Core Features

Multiparty Data Management Integration of all data for your health programs from you and your third party health vendors.
Participant Portal Single portal for all participants to perform all program functions including learn about health programs, view earning opportunities, recommended health actions and perform all incentive functions with your unique program branding.
Administrator Portal Single portal for administrators to perform all program functions including reporting, content management, configuration and user definitions.
Rewards Administration Turn-key administration of all monetary, non-monetary and customer specific reward options.
Multilayer Reporting Suite Real-time reporting on all program elements including participation, outcomes and other critical program measures across various data sets including; Risk Factors, Medical Costs, Rx Costs & Condition-specific Costs.
Integrated Participant Support Online and Telephone Customer Support.
Secure Participant Account
Participants access their secure account to view all programs, incentive earning opportunities and reward status.
Branding All program elements use your program brand and are easily updatable, including your Participant and Administrator sites.
Self Reporting Self-reporting capability to enable participants to record various activities via phone, web and Internet.
Web services Our services can be delivered real time in your environment via web services .
Content Management We offer the capability for administrators to manage Participant Site content including color schemes, program descriptions, and related features via the Administrator Portal.
Polls With our integrated polling feature you can quickly and easily setup, run, and gather the results for any question you pose to your Participants.
Real-time Forms Processing
Participants can submit paper forms that are automatically scanned with our optical character recognition facility.