Health Power Express

Health Power ExpressTM provides customers that have integrated their health solutions to IncentOne with the ability to create customized incentive program designs through real-time configuration.  IncentOne works with customers to integrate eligbility as well as activity data from various health programs. Once integrated, Health Power Express provides the capability to configure and launch new customized incentive programs via self-service tools that enable customizable features:

  • Branding
  • Health Actions (e.g., all or a subset of the actions integrated)
  • Incentive Values
  • Reward Types (e.g., Monetary and Non-Monetary)

Once the setup process is complete, each incentive program has its own incentive site (called a "Microsite") with the configured elements. These elements are managed via our "Partner Portal" that allows health plans and health partners to manage all Microsites for that specific partner.